“The care that went into planning each moment of this trip was truly exceptional. Your passion for connecting with people and exploring the beautiful landscape was woven into every experience in the Dominican Republic. Thank you, Intentional Tours, for showing me a more meaningful way to travel!” --Michelle

“My experience on this intentional tour of the DR was amazing! It allowed me to experience the country in an authentic way and to truly discover what life is like in the Dominican Republic. If you ever have the opportunity to do a trip like this, DO IT. You will not regret it.” --Emalee

“The way I travel will be different as a result of going on this trip. I’ve discovered that there is so much beauty in the places that are less explored. This trip helped develop the confidence to stretch outside of my comfort zone when I travel, to engage more meaningfully with the locals, and to be okay with the unexpected adventures that arise.” --Anonymous

“I’m much more aware of the impact my dollars have when I travel and the ugly reality of exploitative tourism. It was also eye-opening to see the complicated relationship of short- term missions trips to the people and places they intend to serve. My experience in the DR motivates me to be way more thoughtful when I travel or give money, doing my research to ensure it goes directly to the local people and/or economy.” --Anonymous


While traveling, one has the unique opportunity almost to pause life and look at it through a new lens, to see oneself from a distance and analyze life at home and how it’s being lived.Personally, this trip encouraged me to occupy space a little differently, to acknowledge my place in the world and how we all might better express our humanity. --Shay

I like when my thinking is challenged and this trip provided large doses of education, observation, and reflection. Having opportunities to both discuss and internalize the experience helped cultivate a lasting impact within me. --Anonymous

“I really enjoyed the learning debriefs. I sometimes found it difficult to articulate exactly what I was feeling or experiencing in the moment, so having a little time to process things before our discussions (instead of immediately after the activity) was helpful.” --Anonymous

“The home visits were an extremely unique experience and one that I’ve never known another company to endeavor to include on an itinerary.” --Shay

“The concert at the ruins was the pinnacle of travel - food, drink, and music shared with regular city-dwellers of Santo Domingo.” --Shay