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DAY 1: Nairobi

  • Arrive into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi where we will have a driver waiting for you.  Spend the evening learning about the impact of colonialism.
  • Relax and recover from jet lag

     Learning Focus:

  • Welcome and what to expect
  • Colonial history of Kenya and post-colonial issues

DAY 2: Nairobi

  • Breakfast at the hotel followed by a trip to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to visit with orphaned baby elephants as they take mud baths
  • Get up close and personal to Rothschild Giraffes at the Giraffe Conservation Center where we will have lunch
  • After lunch visit Kawangware and learn about poverty in Nairobi and the work being done by local organizations
  • In the evening, enjoy dinner in the home of a local family and see what middle-class life is like in Nairobi

     Learning Focus:

  • Wildlife conservation
  • The complexities of poverty in Nairobi
  • Cross-cultural dialogue

DAY 3: Loita Hills

  • Enjoy views of the Great Rift Valley as we travel to Loita Hills, just outside of the Maasai Mara
  • Spend the rest of the day immersed in Maasai culture at a small, environmentally-sensitive retreat owned and operated by Maasai from the nearby village of Maji Moto
  • Optional activities include:
    • Nature and cultural walk with Maasai
    • Wildlife tracking
    • Swimming in the natural hot springs
  • All structures at the facility are built Maasai-style using only local materials such as branches and stalks, grass, and stone and meals are locally sourced

     Learning Focus:

  • Good vs. harmful tourism
  • Tribal realities in Kenya
  • Introduction to rural life

 DAY 4: Loita Hills

  • With a packed breakfast and lunch from camp we will head out early for a full day of game driving at the amazing Maasai Mara National Reserve
  • Return for dinner and one last night at camp

     Learning Focus:

  • Introduction to East African wildlife

DAY 5: Transfer to the Coast

  • After breakfast at the camp, return to Nairobi where we will catch a quick flight to the coast 
  • Spend the afternoon and evening relaxing at our ocean-front hotel within the Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve

     Learning Focus:

  • History of the Swahili Coast

DAY 6: Mido Creek

  • Enjoy breakfast at our hotel along the ocean before heading out in dugout canoes for a day on the water and exploring ruins within a local island village
  • Keep an eye out for baboons as we eat our picnic lunch on the island before heading back to Watamu

     Learning Focus:

  • History of the Swahili Coast
  • Realities of life for rural Kenyans

DAY 7: Watamu

  • Breakfast at our hotel followed by a meeting with local Imams
  • Spend the day relaxing at the beach  or catch a tuk tuk into town for some souvenir shopping
  • Optional visit to local recycling/art project

     Learning Focus:

  • Muslim/Christian relations and religious tolerance
  • Environmental issues in coastal regions

DAY 8: Lumo Conservancy

  • Depart after breakfast for a drive along Mombasa Road to Lion’s Bluff Eco-Lodge
  • Afternoon game drive followed by dinner at the lodge
  • Lion’s Bluff Eco-Lodge was conceived and built by the local Taita community

     Learning Focus:

  • Economic development and international aid in Africa
  • Sustainable tourism and conservation

DAY 9: Lumo Conservancy

  • Breakfast at the lodge and time to relax 
  • Lunch at the lodge followed by optional afternoon activities:
    • Relax!
    • Game drive
    • Bush walk

     Learning Focus:

  • East African wildlife and conservation

DAY 10: Transfer to Nairobi

  • Enjoy one last delicious breakfast at the lodge and then ride the train back to Nairobi
  • Lunch on the train
  • Fly out of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport any time after 5:00 pm
  • For those flying out later in the evening, enjoy one last group dinner in Nairobi

     Learning Focus:

  • Trip debrief
  • Traveling intentionally on your own


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