I’ve never traveled overseas before. Is this a good trip for me?

Absolutely. You’ll be part of a small group that sticks together most of the time. When there’s time for people to split off (like when we’re exploring a market, for instance), you could choose to stay with the leader if you want. So don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

I've traveled a lot. Is this a good trip for me?

Absolutely. Whether you've traveled with groups or by yourself, this trip will surely be a bit different than any you've done before. This trip isn't about volunteering while we're there, or simply sightseeing. (Although we do see some beautiful sights, and we hope that you'll be inspired to live differently once you return home.) Intentional Tours are about looking a little bit deeper beneath what the average tourist might see, and taking time to learn how the justice issues "over there" intersect with your life at home. 

Is Cambodia a safe place to travel?

Yes. There is very little crime against tourists, and with a little common sense, that the group leaders will be sure to explain thoroughly, you’ll be right as rain. (In over 40 combined trips to Cambodia, neither our hosts from Imagine Goods nor anyone in our groups have ever been a victim of a crime.)

What about food safety?

Not to worry—we are very careful about the restaurants that we eat in, and we have some great places to eat on the itinerary. (Our philosophy is that if we’re only there for a few days, we don’t want anyone lying in bed for any of that time!)

What kind of hotels will we stay in?

We’ll stay in comfortable inns and hotels that we’re familiar with. They’ll have all the amenities you’re used to.

My teenager wants to go on this trip. Will it be too intense for them?

We think that allowing teenagers to be exposed to global poverty and justice issues is a really good idea. Although there are some aspects of the justice issues that we talk about that can be difficult to process (like child trafficking), we will certainly be sensitive in how we discuss if there are younger teens on the trip. We also do a lot of talking about everything that we see, because adults need to process emotions about those difficult issues too!