Colleges & Universities

Colleges and universities interested in short-term study abroad opportunities can partner with Intentional Tours to offer students unique experiential learning through for-credit or non-credit courses.  College and university trips are led by expert guides with experience teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level.   Intentional Tours will tailor-design a curriculum and schedule activities to meet the requirements of your program.  All courses include interaction with local experts on the ground to provide a well-rounded and culturally sensitive learning environment.  

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Sample Course

Cross-Cultural Studies


Discussion Topics

  • Kenya today

  • Post-colonial issues

  • Western aid and alternatives

  • Short-term missions and alternatives

  • Muslim/Christian relations and terrorism

  • Realities of life for rural Kenyans

  • The AIDS epidemic

  • Tourism in Kenya

  • Environmental/ecological well-being

  • Effects of history on modern day Africa

  • Economic activity and growth

Primary Locations

  • Nairobi

  • Mount Kenya

  • Mombasa


  • Home-stay

  • Visit to social enterprise

  • Mosque, Christian Church, and Hindu Temple Visit

  • Kibera Slum Visit

  • Safari

  • Beach



Intentional Tours has relationships with a number of incredible locations in the Dominican Republic.  Hold your retreat in the mountains, on the beach, or spend a few days in each location.  Options include a variety of price-points and specific amenities depending upon your needs.  Contact us for more information or to start planning your retreat!