Important Notes:

  • Nonrefundable $500 deposit required to reserve a spot on the trip, balance due one month prior to the trip.

  • We require all travelers to carry single trip health insurance

  • We will provide detailed travel information and timelines to all travelers including:

    • Passport & Visa Information

    • Immunizations, CDC Health Recommendations, & Food Safety

    • Recommended Packing List

  • Price of trip does not include: International airfare, alcoholic beverages, pre-trip immunizations, passport fee (if applicable), single trip health insurance (required)


Group Size

Minimum 5, Maximum 14


Meals will be a mix of traditional Cambodian food and western style options.  We will do our best to accommodate food allergies, however, if you have severe allergies we do recommend packing some alternative snacks just in case.  All meals are included in the trip cost.  Water will be provided at all meals, but additional drinks must be purchased separately.


All accommodations on this trip were carefully chosen for experiential learning.  This is not meant to be a 5-star luxury trip, but we hope you will be more than comfortable!  All lodging will have electricity, however, it could come and go throughout the day and night.  Internet and will be available in some, but not all locations.  You should not drink the tap water while in the Cambodia.  We will provide water for drinking and brushing your teeth.

Flights & Arrival

Please do not book your flight until we have confirmed that the trip has filled.  At that time, we will recommend flights for any travelers who wish to travel together or you may book a flight independently.  You are welcome to arrive at any time on Day One of the trip.  We will collect all travel details and arrange for pick-up upon your arrival in Phnom Penh, so long as you arrive on the first day of our scheduled itinerary.  While you are welcome to arrive prior to Day One or depart after the final day, we can recommend drivers and accommodation, but coordination and booking for days outside of the itinerary is not included. Departure is from Siem Reap airport on January 6th. Please plan your itinerary accordingly.

Educational Component

Every Intentional Tour is led by an experienced traveler and educator, and supplemented by numerous local experts on topics ranging from culture, religion, tribal issues, economic development, poverty reduction, ethical tourism, and environmental sustainability.  Our trips are meant to open a new world of wonder, both through seeing natural beauty and encountering new cultures, but also through intellectual curiosity and exploration.  Each day will end with a debrief, which is intended to provide our travelers with university-level thinking and dialogue as they consider their experiences of the day.  In addition, a selection of pre-trip readings will be suggested, in order to enhance the learning and growth experience for those who chose to begin their learning ahead of time.

Itinerary Disclaimer

The itinerary featured by Intentional Tours, LLC is provided in good faith, but is subject to slight change as necessary as we work to provide you with the best experience.

Physical Fitness

This trip does not require serious physical fitness, however, traveling in the Cambodia involves long drives and poor road conditions.  You will be expected to carry your own luggage during the trip, so pack accordingly!  We will provide a recommended packing list.


All accommodations will have electricity although many work off generators with limited occasions without power. Variable voltage, spikes and sporadic, unexpected, unscheduled power cuts of varying duration can be expected. In Cambodia, you'll find three plug types (sometimes all in the same hotel room!), A, C and G. Plug type A is the plug which has two flat parallel pins (like what you find in the United States), plug type C is the plug which has two round pins and plug type G is the plug with three rectangular pins, in a triangular pattern. Many hotels have the A type, but not all, so bringing and adaptor just in case is a good idea. Electric devices from the States will be expecting 120 Volts, but Cambodia grid is of 230 Volts; many devices are fine with dual voltage, and if the plug fits, it will be fine (iPhones are OK), but older devices may not (and especially hair dryers or curling irons), so having a C and G adapter and a power converter is a good idea, just in case.

Background Check

We require a criminal background check for this trip because we visit Imagine Goods' production partner facility, which houses a school and daycare center, and provides aftercare and employment for survivors of trauma. The cost is about $20 for a nationwide check (which you are responsible for), and we request that you send us the results in PDF format or share online results. We also run all trip participants' names through a national sex offender registry prior to acceptance. Note that if you've had a background check done within the past 12 months for work or other reasons, you can share those with us.


Although we do not anticipate an issue, if for any reason we deem the behavior of a participant on the trip to be incompatible with the safety, or comfort of other members of the group, we reserve the exclusive right and discretion to dismiss that person at any time.  Intentional Tours, LLC will not be responsible for the cost of any traveler who must return home early.

All travelers will be required to sign and return a Release and Waiver Agreement prior to the beginning of a tour. Any pre-existing physical, mental, or emotional disability that may require attention or treatment should be reported prior to the beginning of a tour.