We believe that stepping outside of our own experience is the beginning of growth.  We believe in dialogue.  We believe in listening and learning from people who are different from us.  We believe that travel without experience is a missed opportunity.  We believe that exploring new cultures and meeting new people broadens worldviews and creates change-makers.   We believe in the goodness of humanity, but that good intentions alone are not enough.  We believe in Intentional Tourism.


Intentional Tours is a social enterprise travel company that exists to transform the way that people see and interact with the world. Created as an alternative to the traditional mission, service-learning trip, or resort vacation, our tours provide authentic cultural experiences, expert insights, and ensure true, lasting impact.  Our travelers engage with local communities as equals, rather than as benefactors, experience the natural and historical beauty of the countries they visit, and learn how to help communities improve through “intentional tourism.” 

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Jonathan coleman


Jonathan brings a wide array of experiences and knowledge to his role as Lead Instructor/Guide. He has been involved in social enterprise and economic development activities for 11 years, including working and living in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and low-income communities in the United States.  He is also an established educator, with experience teaching at both the university and professional level. He has been an adjunct professor of International Business, Business Ethics, and Cross-Cultural Studies and speaks regularly to groups on topics related to microfinance, social entrepreneurship, ethical business practices, and equitable economic development. He holds an MBA in International Economic Development, is fluent in Spanish, and has been selected as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and an Elm² Fellow by FIELD at the Aspen Institute.  Outside of his work with Intentional Tours, Jonathan is Co-Executive Director of ASSETS, in Lancaster, PA.




Kate is a veteran traveler, lover of learning, and experienced facilitator of international programs.  She has a master’s degree in International Development and has worked in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  Kate has served as a research consultant in England and Washington, DC, and spent several years coordinating graduate residencies in East Africa for Eastern University.  In addition to her international experience, Kate has worked as a social return on investment analyst, helping charities, NGOs, and social enterprises to better understand, quantify, and measure their impact. 

Kate also holds a second master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has completed coursework in Positive Psychology through Harvard University’s Extension School.  She is a Partner at Work Wisdom, LLC where she focuses on evidence-based tools to promote workplace well-being.  She also holds a certification in equine-assisted therapy and has co-facilitated graduate leadership courses utilizing out-of-the box, equine-assisted learning activities.  She loves the idea of integrating psychological theory and travel in an effort to cultivate insight, increase meaning, expand worldviews, and promote dialogue across cultures.


Both Jonathan and Kate are passionate about offering life-changing, cross-cultural experiences for travelers and students from the western world in a way that uplifts local communities, rather than dis-empowers and perpetuates economic hardships.  In pursuit of this passion, they have created Intentional Tours, a social enterprise that offers innovative experiential learning and travel opportunities to universities, religious institutions, and intentional travelers. 

Intentional Tours put together a fantastic experience which challenged me to grow and see the world with new eyes. All around a fantastic experience and I would recommend traveling with Intentional Tours to anyone.
— Intentional Tours Client, 2018


Cambodia Trip Guide

Aiyana Ehrman

Hi! I’m Aiyana, one of the co-founders of Imagine Goods, Sustainable Supply Co., and just an ordinary woman seeing extraordinary things. Imagine Goods partners with vulnerable and marginalized people around the world to make products that, in many cases, give them the first fair wages they've ever received. Really, I’m pretty much an accidental entrepreneur, because I never really intended to start a business. We had been working as a non-profit in Cambodia since 2006, raising funds for organizations that worked with survivors of human trafficking, and bringing small teams on educational trips that we called “exposure trips”. We wanted to effect change by supporting locals who knew the issues, as well as by educating people from our home country on how justice issues connect our lives with people in the developing world. Over the years, we came to the realization the most empowering project we saw for survivors was one which created jobs. By giving people the opportunity to work, we give them hope; by empowering survivors of trafficking with employment, we give them the power to change their own lives. So we closed the non-profit and started a business, but we continued taking people along with us because we still believe that being able to see first-hand how our lives are entwined with people on the other side of the world is a powerful tool for connection and change. These days I run Imagine Goods with Michelle, my co-founder, and I also work full-time as an administrative assistant at a local college. My days are full, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Do you believe that tourism, done right, can transform communities for the better?  Are you an expert on local experiences, ethical tourism, or local economic development in your home country?  We want to work with you!